Volatile Fiber Optics

Our Business Philosophy

Reputation and pride of work is 100% the foundation of our business.  It's why our family name is our business name. We value our name and reputation.  We have been fortunate to have had a foundation of valuable customers since the day our doors (fiber lab doors) opened.  All of our business comes from word of mouth, repeat clients and partner referrals.  Our goal is to build our brand through our trusted partnerships with our family of clients.  We work hard to be your trusted advisor and we want you to be so pleased with our work that we remain your long term business partner.  We aim to provide the best service to our customers, because we know your customers demand and expect fast, reliable, uninterrupted service and our name is on the line.


Who We Are

Volatile Fiber Optics, LLC is owned and operated by a husband and wife team, both of whom have an extensive telecommunications background.  The President, Adam Volatile, has over 20+ years experience in the telecommunications industry.  For the past 15+ years Adam has worked as a Fiber Optic Technician working on both public and private networks.  Adam has experience in new construction, network maintenance, and network restoration.  Alanna brings a wealth of knowledge from her background in management, sales, and marketing from the wireless industry. Together Adam and Alanna's expertise led them to create Volatile Fiber Optics, LLC in the Summer of 2014.

Volatile Fiber Optics focuses on splicing, testing, documentation, and emergency restoration in Maryland, DC and the surrounding areas.  

We realize we can not be all things to everyone- we specialize in splicing and because that is our focus, we do it very well.  We have a lot of partners that we will sub-contract with on complex projects to provide one seamless solution to our customers, but we feel that when businesses try to do it all something is lost.  We are very detailed oriented and pride ourselves on the quality of work we deliver. We approach each project with same level of precision. Working in this industry, has exposed us to the good, the bad, and the not so pretty. We have seen short cuts taken, vendors over-promising and under-delivering, poor preparation, and the list goes on. We believe splicing is a special craft and should be treated as such.  Each customer and project is unique and that is how we approach each job.  

Most importantly, we understand that our clients have a service to deliver to their customers.   When projects are delayed, service is interrupted or your client has an urgent deadline to meet, we understand the pressure you are under.  We work tirelessly to deliver fast, efficient results so that your customers can stay connected.

It's that simple.